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Free shift work calendar for small companies, online employee work scheduler without using excel.



Bring your business into the present decade by focusing on improvements for your staff scheduling and shift work schedule calendars. If you are still using Excel or the even more out-dated pencil and paper method of scheduling, you may be surprised at all that an online employee work scheduler can do for you.

Not only will you be able to save time and much frustration when you put this tool to work for you, but you can also improve overall employee satisfaction by creating a clear and simple template. While there are dozens of benefits that you can glean from a Web-based work scheduler, here are just 12 of them to get you started.

Save Your Time
The first and most obvious benefit you will find is the time savings from employing a simple online tool for scheduling. Once you get the software set up, you can easily load templates from previous months into your current month, possibly saving you hours of time and plenty of headaches. This will then free you up to spend more time on your more important work.

Improve Overall Efficiency
With automated scheduling that only requires a few tweaks every week or two, you can greatly improve the efficiency of this time-tested process. You will find that you can create a shift work calendar easily on the Web for both daily and monthly scheduling.

Increase Productivity
When you are saving your own time on scheduling and are improving efficiency, you can also become more productive as a business. You will have the right employees scheduled at the right times to improve customer service as well as teamwork. Automated scheduling also lets you use your valuable resources and energy elsewhere.


Decrease Costs
Thanks to our schedule maker that you can use at no cost, you can lower your costs for staff scheduling. In addition, when you can see your schedule all in one place, you can reduce over-staffing and improve your payroll. Over time, you will also get better ideas for staffing because you will see which times are peak for your business and when you need the most staff at work.

Decrease Staffing Conflicts
Now you can see vacation requests, overtime and other staffing issues all in one place. Alerts let you know when you are forgetting to schedule an employee or when one staff member has a specific request. Reducing staffing conflicts improves your relationship with your employees while ensuring that staff coverage remains adequate.

Increase Employee Involvement
Your employees will love being actively involved in making their own schedules. They can make requests via our software, send messages and receive SMS notifications from you. Self-scheduling certainly improves satisfaction through autonomy in the workplace.

See Everything in One Place
Your free employee work scheduler lets both you and your employees view the entire work schedule on the Internet and via app whenever necessary. Having 24/7 access to the schedule means that employees will be more likely to show up on time because they can always check when they are working. They will also be able to see an overview of all of their working hours and data on the app and can make changes and requests as necessary.

Creates Workable Plans
Our work schedule maker works on its own without Excel annoying you along the way. Our tool is incredibly simple, clear and easy to use, making initial setup quite quick. You will not have to worry about spending hours learning how to use our planner, nor will you have to pay your staff for attending training sessions. The tools for viewing work hours, changing data and making requests are quite obvious.


Improve Employee Adaptability
Employees will find this tool incredibly simple to use and will find that it helps them get the schedules that they want. You can give your employees the opportunity to request vacation time through the scheduler, and they can even switch shifts and adjust their hours without ever having to schedule meetings with you. This puts much of the power for scheduling in the hands of your employees.

Improve Satisfaction While Decreasing Turnover
Because of the high level of satisfaction with this type of scheduling that can be used on all types of mobile devices, you may find that your rate of employee turnover decreases over time. This can help you save money in employee training costs as well.

Ensure Security
Thanks to the secure email and password login required by our shift work calendar app, both you and your employees can feel secure using our software. Plus, your schedule will be stored securely in the cloud so that you can access it wherever you are.

Create Simple Processes
Creating subsequent schedules, communicating with staff via the cloud and editing data are all simple thanks to our instantaneous scheduling options, rich templates and integrated online time tracking. You can copy previous schedules, track how many hours each of your employees has worked and set up simple staffing goals with our effective planning processes. While there are many types of scheduling tools available today, our competitors often offer more functionality than you could ever possibly need.

Plus, their tools come at high costs that you may not be able to afford. When you choose our free service, you can get all of the scheduling functions that you need at your fingertips along with a complete employee communication platform that will make your life easier. Consider using our option for retail, hospitality, health care, customer service and educational businesses.