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Staff scheduling is one of those regular weekly or monthly tasks to which you may not look forward. By the time you meet the needs of your company’s business hours, address employee requests and track hours worked to prevent unintentional overtime payments, you may feel as if you have fought a major battle. Today, you have a far easier option for scheduling employee shifts than the paper and pencil method or confusing Excel program you may have been using for years. With our free rostering program, you can create a workable schedule for your company easily and online.

Benefits of Web-Based Shift Planning
If you have been looking for a way to save yourself plenty of headaches while simultaneously saving yourself from hours of extra work every year, Web-based shift planning using staff rostering software is the way to go. With this type of software, you can automatically schedule some of your employees for recurring hours every week or every month. You will no longer have to worry about double-scheduling your employees, leaving employees out of the schedule or accidentally scheduling employees for overtime shifts because the scheduling software can be set up to trigger an alert if you do so.


You will also be able to see vacation requests automatically and will be given the option of granting or denying these staff requests. With no worries about accidentally granting multiple employees vacation hours at the same time, you will not have to worry that you do not have enough people on the schedule for any particular shift. Besides these obvious benefits, you will also save yourself much time and even money by shifting to this option.

By not spending as much time working on the schedule every month, you will have more time to pour into your business and into employee development. You will find that you are more productive and that your overall schedules are far more efficient than usual as you base your future schedules on paradigms of what has worked out well in the past. As your schedules become more consistent, you will even decrease arguments between staff and management. Android and iOS App coming soon.

Benefits of Hands-on Employee Scheduling
While all types of scheduling software are efficient, employee-integrated rota software is even better because it allows employees to be actively involved in the scheduling process. They will be able to see the hours they have worked at a glance, report hours, edit time punches and plan ahead for the upcoming week or month.

Because each employee will have his own email and password combination, the service is incredibly secure. Employees will also save lots of time by being able to manage their hours themselves rather than having to meet with a manager to discuss hours, vacation requests and time edits.


Employees who have questions about scheduling or who have unique requests for time off can also message managers via the cloud-based app. With nearly everyone owning a smartphone these days, this is certainly an effective and efficient process that is simple to learn and easy to use.

How to Use the Roster Software tool
Rota software for scheduling can be used by almost any type of business whether large or small. It can be used for individuals who work remotely and by those who work for an entirely online business. In addition, it can also be used by traditional businesses that run brick-and-mortar stores or customer service companies.

Some of the many types of businesses that have successfully used our software in the past include retail stores, restaurants, fitness centers, cinemas, call centers and service centers. In addition, this free software is appropriate for event organizers, hotel managers, elder care center staff and much more. Because it is so simple, it can be integrated quickly into your business. Employees can immediately begin using this for staff rostering without worrying about training because the software is so clear and easy to use.

How Roster Software Can Help You This software is the answer that you need to confusing and time-consuming scheduling issues. This free tool provides extensive employee management that can be used on the Web as well as on all mobile device platforms. There is no reason to use free Excel when you can now do everything online. Plus, there is no need to try out our competition when you have a cheaper yet just as functional alternative in us. The more expensive versions tend to offer more functionality than you could ever imagine using.


Our software lets employees (especially at Restaurants and bars) swap shifts, communicate with managers, collaborate on schedules and see important scheduling information at the tap of a button. Using this could even help you decrease employee turnover at your company while also improving employee satisfaction overall. Because it is completely free, you will not have to worry about breaking your budget as you try out this new scheduling option. Instead, you can immediately log on and discover a new way to improve efficiency and productivity in your business.

When you choose our software for staff rostering, you will be able to save yourself plenty of time while also eliminating a hassle that is quite common for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have you three employees or hundreds of employees who are counting on you to get their hours right, you can count on our rota software to eliminate arguments and keep your employees happy. Plus, they will love the ease of using Web-based tools or the convenient app to manage their own data, request time off or schedule themselves for specific hours.