Restaurant staff scheduling / Free and online!

Bar and restaurant employee scheduling made simple. We provide an easy to use cloud Software tool. Give it a try!



Restaurants and bars require many employees with different roles. A missing member of the team can cause a breakdown in customer service. One of the most difficult jobs for any manager is maintaining a well-organized schedule that can handle the unexpected. In the past, many restaurant managers used spreadsheet programs like Excel to do this job.

However, spreadsheets are complicated, and it can be difficult to keep them up-to-date. An online restaurant staff scheduling system makes it easy to develop an effective rota that will make certain all your shifts are covered. With our platform, you can create your team roster online for free. From there, you can develop a daily, weekly or monthly list of shifts. Because your staff members have individual access to the program through our app, they can learn their schedule right away. They also participate in the scheduling process, resulting in fewer unexpected cancellations.


Our free work rota tool for your restaurant will also improve communication among your team members. The manager can send messages to individual staff members or to the whole group at once. Team members can also communicate with one another and with management. If someone needs shift coverage, he or she can resolve the issue in much less time. Another important piece of the management puzzle is keeping track of staff hours.

Our platform comes with an integrated time tracking feature that allows managers and team members to know their status immediately. If someone has to leave a shift early or stay late, it is simple to edit the hours and reflect the time change. We recognize that busy organizations do not have time to learn a whole new scheduling system. Even though spreadsheets are frustrating, people stick with them because it is what they know. We have designed our program to be simple for both management and staff. You will not spend hours learning the details. Instead, you will quickly save time by moving to an online format.


We also recognize that the needs of small to medium-sized organizations are different. Other scheduling apps are designed for the complex needs of large establishments. The extra features and expense of these android apps make them unwieldy for smaller restaurants. Our web based app has the features you need to keep your business in motion.

In addition to dining establishments, we think our software will match the needs of other multi-staff businesses such as fitness centers, daycare centers, hotels, special event planners and retail businesses. Stop struggling with scheduling by spreadsheet. Our free restaurant staff scheduling solution will help your business thrive.