Free time tracking software / Online, without excel templates!

Digital employee work time tracker for your company. Free to use and cloud based tool.



No matter the type of UK business you run, tracking your staff's hours is a daunting task. You must monitor when they clock in and out in addition to tracking the number of breaks they take throughout the week. Overcome those issues and achieve peace of mind with our free time tracking software. Without paying anything, you get access to our digital software that does the hard part for you.

Our No. 1 goal is to save you time and let you take your business to a whole new level before you know it. We stand behind our software and take all the required steps to make it stand miles above the rest, ensuring we give you the best results possible. Explore the benefits of our software so that you can decide if it makes sense for you and your business. Our software even gives each team member an online account so that they can access their information, and you can manage everything without Excel.

Saving money and reducing your overhead is one of your top goals, and it lets you expand your reach and take your business to a whole new level. Your human resources team must track the hours of your team and calculate their weekly paycheck, or you do it if you don’t have a human resource team on your staff. Entering and tracking that data takes a lot of effort even if you only have a few employees. Our digital tool saves you trouble by calculating hours worked and how much money your team earns each week. When you use our automated software, it even calculates paid time off and other factors. Using this automated software means you don't need as many human resource team members on your staff, saving you money over the long run.


In addition to saving money, you also want to save time if you care about your business and long-term results. If you would like to save time without compromising your standards, our work time tracking program is the tool for which you have been looking. Since you might spend a lot of time entering and updating information related to the number of hours your team works, automation software saves you more time than you once thought possible. It does many of the tasks you would otherwise have to do, giving you more free time to spend on other objectives. Let our app monitor hours worked if you would like to enjoy the benefits.

Communication is vital in every industry. When you update a policy or change your team’s schedule, you have to let them know if you would like them to stay on the right path. Getting a message to each member of your staff is often a time-consuming task. You must call each team member or send a text to let them know what changes are taking place, but that approach takes too much effort. Instead of sending emails or texts to one team member at a time, use our work time tracker to communicate with each team member on your staff. You can send a message to your entire team with a click of a button.

Track Staff Hours! Our free time tracking software makes your job easier than you once thought possible. The work time tracker logs when your team clocks in and out, sending the data to an online database that you can access from any location with an internet connection. You log into your account to view the data and monitor the activity of your team, allowing you to stay in the loop even when you are not at your business. Tracking the hours of your team is only part of the picture when you use our app. In addition to tracking the number of hours your team works each week, you can also modify the data if you detect any mistakes in the system.


Simple User Interface Don't shy away from our software just because you don't know how to use it. If you think our platform is hard to install and implement, you are not alone. The good news, however, is that our software is so easy to use that you won't need training to begin. You log into your account and have access to all the available options from the start. Click on the different tabs to see what options you can change and what logs are viewable. Your team also gets an easy-to-use interface so that they can begin without unneeded delays.

Employees Can Make Schedule Requests! Most businesses that don’t have time tracking software require employees to file request forms to change their schedules, request paid time off or update their personal information. These requests can take weeks or longer to process if your business handles a lot of paperwork. Use our software to let your staff make requests through their account, and you can review and approve the requests without delay.

Final Thoughts! Saving time and money is one of the most critical factors for your business. When you want to do both without compromising quality, implement software that tracks and logs the number of hours your team works each week. The best part is that you can create logs without Excel. The software we provide does the hardest parts for you and gives you that much more time to focus on other areas of your business.