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If you would like a better way to manage your employees and track their hours, free clocking software is the answer. Using software to track the time and attendance of your employees is a powerful way to move your business in the right direction. You no longer need to worry about typing reports on Excel because the free clocking software does the hard part for you.
You and your employees will enjoy a range of great benefits when using our timesheet software:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Efficient Communication
  • Effective Tracking
  • Many More
With all these benefits, you might think the software is hard to use.
Anyone can learn how to use our timesheet software within a few minutes, and no training is needed.


Save Money
Tracking the hours and requested schedules of all your employees requires a team of human resource experts. They have to log employee hours and track their progress, and that means you must pay them for their effort. Human resource experts are great at their jobs and provide you with accurate reporting, but having more experts than you need costs your company money. Defeat that roadblock with automated software that tracks employee time and attendance. Since the software does a lot of the work, you won’t need your human resource team to work as many hours as they did before.

Save Time
Time is one of the most essential resources for any business. Doing more work in less time is how you increase your profit margins and grow your business to new heights. If you don’t have a human resource team tracking employee hours, you might do it yourself. Tracking even a small number of employees requires time that you could otherwise spend on other areas of your business. If you would like to free more time so that you can expand your business and boost your reach, consider our time clock app. Using our time clock app saves time.

Efficient Communication
Creating a positive work environment is about finding a middle ground between your needs and that of your employees. You need people to be at work during certain hours so that you stay in business, and your employees have personal lives that require attention. Your employees tell you what days they can work. You must approve their schedules and let them know what days and times they must report to their jobs, and this process requires clear and precise communication. Our online software enables you to send emails and texts to one or all employees.


Effective Tracking
Accurate time tracking is a critical factor you can never overlook when it comes to paying your employees. If your employees accidentally report working more hours than they do, it costs you a lot of money in the long run. On the other hand, you want to make sure you are paying your team for every hour they are on the job. Our software tracks when employees clock in and clock out, allowing you to monitor the exact number of hours they work each week. You can even create an Excel export for your records.

Employees Have an Easy Way to Update Information
Your staff can update their desired schedules, request time off and more through the software platform. Your employees can go online with the app and edit their information from home, and you can review and approve requests using the website or mobile app from anywhere in the UK.

Full Overview of Hours Worked
You can monitor all the hours your employees work from your account. In addition to seeing the times your team clock in and clock out, you can also see when they go on break, how many breaks they take and when they return. You can access your panel to review any requests submitted by your team and decide how you will respond. You will see the amount of money your employees earn and track their paid time off. In addition to reviewing the hours your employees work, you can also edit their timecards if needed.

Simple User Interface
If you are like many other people, you believe this software is hard to install and use. Luckily, we use a simple interface and an easy layout, meaning anyone can use the software right away. Your account gives you access to everything you need to track, monitor and manage your team. You can even use the mobile application to track employee hours remotely and never miss anything that happens while you are away. The simple interface also means that you won't need to spend resources training your team on how to begin.

Getting Started
Tracking the hours your employees work takes time, effort and money. You could find other ways to spend your time if you did not have to manage employee hours. Our clocking software does the hard part so that you can spend more time on the areas of your business that count the most. The ability to monitor and edit employee hours gives you much more control over your daily operations, but your employees also get many benefits from using our software. Our software package comes with a variety of features that aim to make your business run better than ever. We stand behind our work and offer support if you need any help, and we do what it takes to move your business forward. If you would like to explore the benefits for yourself, you can get started for free.