Clocking hours / Free & Online time clock!

Easy and free web app for tracking employee time and exporting employee timesheets. Includes employee scheduling and staff management online.



Solve Your Employee Time Tracking Problems With Our Free App. Tracking Employee Time Is Now Fast and Easy. Forget about old-fashioned systems for clocking hours, online sign-ins and other old-fashioned ways of clocking in and out. Our program replaces all that with a single tool that allows you to: Start accurately tracking employee time. Let workers update their own schedules.

Know your exact payroll costs. Instantly text or email employees individually or as a group. Manage all billing, time tracking and payroll from one simple app. Make it easy for your employees to comply with your time-keeping system. Forget Your Old, Outdated Systems How do we do all this? We looked at everything business owners hate about their current time trackers and payroll systems.

Here’s what we found: Most of you hate your current systems because: They’re too complicated . You have to train employees to use them. They leave out workers who only have mobile access to the internet. They offer too many features when you want something simple. They’re expensive.


Our program solves all these problems. The Best Part: It’s Free. Here’s the best part. Our online time tracker costs you nothing. All you do is download the app. Our program doesn't just save you money. It frees up your time. You truly have nothing to lose by trying it. Get a Time Clock and Payroll Hours Calculator In One Tool Are you tired of having to take your time clock data to your payroll calculator? We’ve put everything together in one streamlined program. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time building your business than going over payroll sheets every week? Wouldn’t you rather spend time with your family than spend another minute going over time sheets? Give yourself a break. Now, you can get accurate, updated time and payroll information in just minutes a day.

Easy-to-Use System Works Without Excel Templates. You may be surprised to learn that employees who don’t clock in and out properly aren’t trying to rip you off or rig the system. They’re genuinely frustrated by a time tracking method that’s difficult to use. For instance, are you using an Excel spreadsheets as your employee timesheet? Are You Frustrating Your Workers and Yourself? Excel is great for some things, but it’s a tough program to learn and use. A lot of companies track everything on Excel, but many of their employees don’t know how to use it.

Excel isn’t easy for beginners, and people who are unfamiliar with it can’t easily figure it out. A time tracking program is only as good as your workers’ compliance with it. Your beautifully designed Excel spreadsheets are a total waste of time if people can’t use them. Many hourly workers don’t have access to the technical knowledge or software that office workers have. Even office workers may not know how to navigate Excel. Our Software Requires No Training. Do you really have the time or resources to train your workers on Excel or some other annoying software program?

Our program is simple enough for anyone to use. Even people with no technical knowledge find it easy to use our intuitive, user-friendly platform. Absolutely no training is necessary. Our Time Tracker is Completely Online and Mobile-Friendly. Have you had trouble getting compliance from some employees? They might only have access to the internet from their phones. Too many time and hour trackers don’t take this into account. Get Mobile and Get Moving. Our payroll hours calculator is mobile-friendly and easy to use.

In just minutes, your workers can quickly update their hours, confirm the information and get paid. With our program, your workers feel engaged in their own work lives. Each employee can sign in securely with an email and a password. No employee has access to any other worker’s time tracker or files. The employee can quickly check their hours, make updates, check their schedule and read important announcements.


Who Can Use This Program for Clocking Hours? We developed our program after listening to employers in dozens of industries. They all said they wanted a simple, straightforward employee timesheet that didn’t require any training or technical knowledge. If You Have Workers, You Need This Our program is ideal for people working in coffee shops, bars, cafes and other parts of the restaurant industry.

It’s perfect for people in healthcare / medical offices, call centers and customer support centers. You’ll love it if you own or manage a fitness center, day care, retail store, movie theater, catering company, hotel, hostel, drugstore or construction company. In short, if you own or manage payroll for any business, you’ll wonder how you ever did without this program.


It’s Great for Volunteers / Non-Profit Organizations Too Even if you’re not showing a profit or have unpaid employees, you need to keep accurate records of your workers’ time. As a non-profit, you can’t afford an expensive time tracker or one that requires a total overhaul of your in-house systems. With our program, you and your employees can easily update hours and schedules.

You won’t need to spend valuable resources training anyone. You’ll have a simple program for clocking hours that you and your workers can learn how to use in minutes. Discover How Easy It Can Be to Track Time If you’re interested in an employee time tracker that you and your employees will love using, it’s time to try our program. Learn how easy it is to save money, save time and keep everyone happy.